Our team at analytic.li is so excited to be exhibiting at the all-digital, inaugural UKG Works!


Below are 10 reasons to visit our booth at UKG Works:


1. Improve Productivity and Efficiency in Trying Times

Right now, it even more important to proactively monitor productivity and efficiency. Throughout 2020, many organizations have had to make hard decisions like layoffs, furloughs, and budget cuts. All of these challenges and distractions have made staying productive hard. With analytic.li, monitoring productivity and efficiency and making proactive decisions is as easy as acting on push alerts delivered to your phone.


2. Better Navigate Employee Engagement in the COVID Landscape

COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges and forced new types of conversations for employers around the world. It is important that employees feel supported and heard throughout the ongoing challenges that COVID has created – both at work and at home. analytic.li makes it simple to monitor and act on low employee engagement by getting ahead of burnout and fatigue.

3. Stop Missing Your Production Goals

Have your operations or production teams ever missed their production goal and overrun their labor budget? It is likely that they didn’t have real-time direction to make changes throughout the day since labor and production are stored separately. What’s the impact of that? Missed revenue? Unhappy customers? Profitability at risk?


What if that didn’t happen anymore? With analytic.li, you won’t be surprised by missed productivity. Key stakeholders will be alerted ahead of the point of no return so that adjustments can be made to counteract the current trajectory. By acting in the moment, losses can be mitigated before they hit the bottom line, customers’ orders are partially filled, or employees are burnt out.


4. Stay on Your Labor Budget

You received a report after the fact indicating extra headcount, longer hours and an abundance of overtime. But, it was two weeks after the fact so you couldn’t do anything to change it. Let's face it, labor is one of the only controllable costs you have and, in many cases, these expenses can be ‘make or break’ in terms of driving profitability. If you cannot easily manage and make decisions to positively impact your controllable costs, there could be a huge loss in profitability, worker productivity and labor efficiency. With analytic.li, managers can stay on labor budget by receiving preemptive alerts that allow them to make decisions proactively, instead of reactively.

5. Determine Staffing Shortages to Avoid Lost Production

Staffing shortages can have many implications like missed units, missed revenue, unhappy customers, overrun labor, burnt out employees and safety risks. Knowing which lines are above or below production thresholds and understanding how lines can be best utilized to meet demand is imperative to the financial health of the business. Having the appropriate headcount for upcoming demand is necessary to hitting your labor and production budgets. If your headcount is low, you could incur additional overtime to make up for not having enough people. You are also likely to be at risk for missing your production goal. With analytic.li, managers will be alerted when there are potential staffing shortages and overages so they can adjust schedules before there is a loss in production.

6. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Everyone wants to satisfy their customers. Making sure customers’ orders are received on time, delivered in full, and produced under budget are vital for profitability as well as repeat and increased order sizes. Being able to easily see where there are misses in production or gaps in inventory stores enables you to proactively make decisions to meet customer SLAs and improve overall customer delight, and ensure current customers are repeat customers. With analytic.li, key stakeholders will be alerted of low inventory and additional production needed to hit the order quantity at the right time, making it even easier to delight customers when it matters most.

7. Monitor Controllable Costs to Improve Profitability

As an example, there are 4 key drivers of cost per unit. There are controllable costs within CPU, like labor. If you can control your labor expense in the short-term, you can easily manage your cost per unit. What you can’t always control in the short-term are pre-determined costs for things like packaging, raw materials and rent. With analytic.li, it is easy to monitor your controllable costs and make decisions to improve profitability.

8. Collaborate Cross-Functionally for Better Results

Imagine everyone in your organization has a metric. Operations is focusing on cost per unit. HR is focusing on time to fill and turnover. Sales is focusing on units sold. Finance is focusing on revenue and margin. Every department must communicate how their metric is performing and collaborate cross-functionally to make changes that positively impact it. To do this, each department has to have the same system, language and process… but we all know that usually isn’t the case. With analytic.li, all of your data is aggregated into one system, translated into the same language and uses the same process to provide cross-functional analysis and results.

9. Don't Let Data Silos Determine Your Data Strategy

A data silo is when various data sets are isolated from each other. Think about your people, operations and finance data. Each live in their own system, speak their own language and have their own processes. None of the systems easily “speak” to each other or allow for cross-functional analysis. Because of this, many companies are forced to spend hours aggregating and analyzing data in pivot tables. Data silos should not determine your data strategy. With analytic.li, all of your data lives in one system, speaks the same language and is easily accessible. Spend less time aggregating, and more time seeing results.

10. Register to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card

If you stop by our booth at UKG Works, and chat with one of our representatives, you will be entered to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! Make sure to stop by and learn about the latest that analytic.li has to offer.


analytic.li is an Indianapolis-based organization focused on providing workforce productivity solutions for mid-size and large enterprise businesses. We exist to help our customers make proactive decisions that increase employee productivity, reduce operational expense and enhance their customer satisfaction. Our technology pulls data from multiple systems-of-record, rationalizes that data and presents it where CEOs, COOs, CFOs and other operational managers can understand not only what happened yesterday, but more importantly, what is happening right now. 


With our first-ever, cross-functional labor efficiency and worker productivity platform we break down data barriers and organizational barriers to set up operations managers for success. This means businesses can arm their leaders with real-time insights by alerting leaders in all departments of staffing shortages, labor overages, and productivity trends to better manage their organizations.


If you’d like to learn more about our workforce productivity solutions or discuss how analytic.li will work for your organization, reach out to us. We’re eager to connect with you. If now is not the time to consider new software but you liked what you read here, subscribe to our blog below.


We hope to see you at UKG Works 2020!

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Originally published November 12, 2020.

Written by Natalie Ostoic

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