How many hours have your team leads spent pulling production and budget data from ERPs, EMRs, WMSs and workforce labor data from timekeeping/payroll systems to then build pivot tables, create reports, and circulate versions to each manager… just to have to do it again tomorrow, next week, then reconcile at month end?


Imagine a world of real-time alerts and reporting on productivity and efficiency by customer, product line or shift, enabling managers to make timely critical decisions that impact the overall health of the business. The platform arms organizations with the information they need to adjust labor levels and production needs based on the minute-by-minute changes in demand. By having the right people, doing the right tasks, at the right time, organization-wide productivity, efficiency, worker engagement, and profitability will rise.



Maybe you’re most interested in metrics related to Labor Cost Efficiency versus the Industry Target or Production Actuals versus Budget or even daily Revenue versus Labor Cost (Gross Margin). Within the platform, users can provision thresholds by metric to indicate if values have surpassed or dropped below a certain point. By monitoring these thresholds throughout the day or week, operational managers and leadership can be aware of areas of the business that need additional focus or adjustment.


Push alerts

By establishing thresholds for key performance indicators, end users can then enable alerts to be pushed to their email when a threshold is met. Alerts are configured to indicate which threshold trigger was activated and will provide context as to comparative metric variances or historical trends, like values the same period last year. By removing the need to log into multiple systems throughout the day and perform manual calculations or reconciliations, users become more strategic and efficient.


Next best action

The workflow engine takes push alerts to the next level. By user, push alerts can be augmented to provide suggestions on the next action to be taken.


Imagine you’re a Warehouse Manager responsible for staffing Material Handlers to ensure inventory capacity and labor costs are kept at certain levels. A metric that you track within the platform is Inventory Orders by Delivery Date. When an order is placed for your warehouse, an alert is pushed to your email with context relating to the date, size of the order and count of Material Handler FTEs currently employed at your location.


The next best action that could be recommended to you is to evaluate if the count of FTEs meets your needs and if not, prompts you to contact HR to inquire on adding additional Material Handler headcount by the delivery date. Not only will you and your staff be aware of the delivery, the additional FTEs will reduce additional overtime for your current workers, increasing their engagement, and resulting in a reduction in overtime spend.


Who benefits?

CEOs to line managers use persona-based, input, in-progress, and output metrics, like, Customer Orders, Workforce Productivity, and Labor Margin, to improve the bottom line of the income statement.



Below you’ll find a short list of our current customer personas and their associated focuses that they monitor within the platform:

  • CEO/President (have a focus on high-level KPIs impacting the P&L)
  • COO (have a focus on efficiency vs. target)
  • CFO/VP of Finance (have a focus on gross profit margin)
  • VP of Operations (have a focus on labor versus demand)
  • Operations and Plant Managers (have a focus on productivity vs. budget) 

If you interested in learning more about how your organization can benefit from our workforce analytics platform, please reach out to to set up a free 60-minute consultation with one of our Solutions Consultants. During this time, we’ll uncover what types of metrics and cloud-based dashboards can provide to your team to drive profitability and return on investment.

Originally published August 14, 2020.

Written by Elizabeth Greene

I am a creative human at heart and love to cultivate and build things: teams, tomatoes, reports, you name it. My strengths lie in coming alongside customers to help them solution for their business. When I’m not cultivating relationships, you’ll likely find me immersed in my garden or tackling a project at my farm with my animals and other half, Mitchell.