You’ve likely heard by now our exciting news: was acquired.

Given the amount of activity and energy around a transaction like this, I’m thankful to be penning this note. It has given me a moment to pause and reflect.

This acquisition means great things, especially for our customers. It means accelerated investments in our platform and capabilities. It means continued investment into the team that builds our products and serves our growing customer community. It means carrying out our vision of helping businesses make mission-critical decisions on a much broader scale.

We’re so excited to have Fred and Greg as part of As you know, our sole focus is to enable customers to make mission-critical decisions. This mission resonated with both Fred and Greg based on their first-hand experience leading and scaling ServiceNow and HealthX, respectively.

A little about Novi Group - Fred Luddy was the founder of ServiceNow and remains the chair of its board post IPO. ServiceNow was named the most innovative company by Forbes Magazine in 2018. Greg Bell was the founder and CEO of HealthX, one of the nation’s first cloud-based healthcare platform. HealthX has experienced multiple private equity transactions, with the most recent with JMI Equity.

Along with their experience, comes their alignment to our vision and values. They are as passionate about and committed to serving customers as we are.

I’d like to pause and thank our customers, our partners and our team. As one of the co-founders of, this day is very special. It’s hard not to reminisce about our journey to today - when was only a drawing on a piece of paper... the first couple of hires we made… the first time we trained a customer – the memories are countless. This day would have never come without your belief in us and your part in our community.

Thank you for being part of our beginning… We are just getting started.



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Originally published June 23, 2020.

Written by Jana Fuelberth

Spend about 15 minutes with me and you’ll learn that ‘nerd’ is a term of endearment for me. That’s why I love how much ‘nerding out’ goes on at My biggest passion is helping people and organizations unlock potential they never expected. Outside of the office? You’ll probably find me doing something active or for my beloved, Butler Bulldogs.