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KronosWorks 2018 left us feeling motivated, excited, and more ready than ever to continue on our mission: allowing organizations to make better data-driven decisions about their people. The crew spent the last week learning from and teaching alongside top influencers in the HCM community. Thank you to everyone who took the time to chat with us about #PeopleAnalytics! Now for our biggest takeaways…



What we learned…




1. People Analytics Pyramid

One of the most valuable experiences from KronosWorks that our team brought back, was the opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas on #PeopleAnalytics with the Kronos community.’s President & Co-Founder, Jana Fuelberth, led a breakout session on Tuesday about “Climbing the People Analytics Pyramid.” Return on Investment is a hot topic in analytics and partnership opportunities today. Jana has found that providing industry-specific analytics that are accessible to organization leaders allows for the most impactful data-driven results.


2. What’s New, What’s Next in HR?



The HR landscape is drastically shifting. The traditional notion of HR roles is pivoting away from employee handholding to strategic employee planning and staffing. As a Kronos Partner, is focused on arming our HR end users with the tools and know-how to manage their workforce effectively and with confidence, due to our data-packed decision-making framework. Kronos has come alongside its HR professionals by redesigning a number of the most used areas of the WFR platform. Organizations now have access to plan time off with a calendar view, include visual widgets, and show employee profiles alongside analytics. HCM analytics are the next big thing, it’s time to bring them to life!



3. The Value of Analytics

Throughout our time at KronosWorks, one of the most common heard themes in our conversations was analytics. The HCM industry is lacking basic analytics. Today it takes hours to download, pivot, and filter reports that are burying users in mundane tasks. It is our goal to make analytics readily available to all, and provide insights that alter business decisions daily.



4. Employee Engagement at All Levels is Necessary

One of our very own customers, John Leopold, of Goodwill of Central & Coastal Virginia, shared his thoughts on employee engagement and the way that analytics have positively impacted his business. He revealed that analytics have been a differentiator in the strategic planning process, that helps to create an efficient organization where a focus on turnover, overtime, and labor expense can be more readily addressed.





5. All the Buzz… What we heard the most

Analytics need to be applicable and accessible to users throughout organizations. For example, production line managers want to learn how to be more efficient without drilling into dashboards. Instead, having key insights delivered right to mobile devices saves time, frustration, and drove data-based decision making. We’ve also learned that key executives want instant overviews of their organization’s efficiency right in their inbox; enabling them to make key business decisions each day.

All of this comes down to getting the right people… to the right data… at the right time… Insights into the data, and real-time updates, allow leaders at all levels to be able to make quick decisions that allow for higher employee satisfaction and employee engagement while positively impacting expenses and company morale.


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Originally published February 07, 2020.

Written by Natalie Ostoic

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