INDIANAPOLIS (March 10, 2020) – Indiana-based launches its natural language processing (NLP) feature Ask  Ask enables organizations to ask questions of their workforce data and then produces visual representations of those answers, on the spot. 


This new feature is breaking bounds in the Workforce Analytics space and enabling organizations to make quicker decisions for positive change each day. One of the Beta customersBaldor Specialty Foods, shared their recent experience with Ask 


“Ask makes it so much easier to find answers to complicated questions that help our Leadership team improve the employee experience at Baldor. The fact that you start typing what you are looking for and it starts to give you suggestions is a bonus. It makes building my own data sets and producing visuals and trends much faster, which helps make a difference in how people make decisions about things like Benefits, Leave, Overtime, and Retention,” said Pam Johnsontime & attendance supervisor at Baldor Specialty Foods. 


“With the mountain of data businesses have, most of its value goes untapped,” said Jana Fuelberth, president and co-founder. “With the launch of Ask, we’ve made garnering insights and making decisions quicker and more approachable for our customers.”  


Many organizations struggle to access all their business data in one place. This leaves employees manipulating pivot tables, aggregating, and normalizing data for hours, days or even weeks. With Ask backed by the Data Platform, organizations now can see all their data in one place, with little to no lift on their end. 


Ask increases decision velocity for our customers. Businesses can get answers and make decisions in seconds as opposed to weeks, said Fuelberth. This shift in mindsetdata in seconds, not weeks — will allow organizations to be more productive, profitable and better to their people.  


Organizations interested in learning more can visit our webpage Ask and complete the Contact Us form to talk with a representative 



About is a workforce optimization company that increases decision velocity by enabling employers to make better decisions to drive productivity, increase profitability and improve employees’ work experience. We do this by effortlessly combining labor, payroll, timekeeping, operations, human resources, finance and budget data in our workforce analytics platform.  


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Originally published March 10, 2020.

Written by Maureen Sanner