Imagine going through life with all the answers. It'd be pretty freeing, wouldn't it?


Knowing no problem nor situation could faze you. Knowing you would have the answer – or solution – in seconds. Wouldn’t that be amazing?


Now Imagine Knowing the Important Answers at Work 


Imagine how much work you’d get done – how much the business would evolve – if you knew the important answers at work. 


Day by day you’d feel your value to the company increase. You’re answering the complicated questions the business never thought it could easily answer. Your answers are leading others to take transformative action. It’s taking hardly any time at all. Business improves all because of you...


Man, life would be good.


In Reality, You Could Answer the Pressing Questions That Come Up at Seconds...without Building Pivot Tables


Yes, you really could.

Those databases full of information? You know, the timekeeping, payroll, ERP, and all the other ones filled with information that dates back years ago? Yeah, you could ask them a bunch of questions. You could interrogate them as much as you want and get the answers you need (in seconds) to questions like: 

  • “I notice overtime is trending up. How much overtime did each department have at this time in 2018 and 2019?”
  • "What is my forecasted overtime for today?”
  • "What is my revenue per employee?”
  • “Who’s due for a promotion?”
  • “I’m opening a new location in Michigan. How many employees do I have there already? Whose commute might this improve?”

And so much more...without building pivot tables. 

Think of the questions your boss asks. Or think of the questions your assistant can’t answer. And what about the questions you ask your managers that don’t have easy answers.


You could answer them in seconds


You just need to know how to interrogate your data. You may not know how to yet, but it’s possible today. And once you can do it, you become much more productive and valuable. In fact, your value soars. When you can interrogate the data and give answers to your boss, your team members, etc., everyone improves. The business becomes more productive, more profitable and its value soars. Still...


Knowing the Answers Does You No Good Unless You Do Something About It!


Now what good is knowing the answers if you don’t take action on what you’ve just learned?


Knowing which manager oversees the most overtime hours is valuable information, but it won’t do the business any good unless action is taken to fix it. What action should be taken?


You can interrogate the data even further to find out. 


Is the manager at fault because he isn’t setting a schedule that works? Is it because the business is understaffed? Is it because the scheduled employees aren’t showing up? 


Interrogating your data will give you the answers.


Interrogating your data will give you the answers to the real important and pressing questions that stem from business challenges.You will need new tools to add to your technology stack, but the value is worth it because...


Interrogating Your Data Will Even Help You Determine the Best Course of Action


Interrogate. Interrogate further. Act. Solve. Or go back to the drawing board and interrogate some more. That’s how businesses transform. 

You just have to interrogate your data - and if you do, you really can have the important answers to pressing questions like these:

  • “What is the current month’s total overtime hours compared to total hours worked by manager?”
  • “What is the average tenure in months for promotions?”
  • “What is the average tenure in months by job title and gender?”
  • “How much overtime are my full-time employees averaging today?”
  • “Who are my top 10 employees with the largest percent of overtime hours this year?”
  • “How does our turnover at the Michigan location compare to the Illinois location?”
  • “What manager has the highest turnover from 2018 to now?”
  • “How many employees do we have now compared to this date in 2019?”

Because when you have the answers to pressing questions like these, you start to get a much clearer idea of what action needs to be or should be taken. Action(s) that will inform strategy, solve problems, promote efficiency and improve employee engagement. 


The possibilities are limitless, and that is the true value of interrogating your data. 


When things get in the way because problems will always arise, nothing will stop you from digging deeper. You just have to think. And when you think you can’t think, interrogating your data will get the mind churning. In fact, one customer admitted that half the time you don’t even know what you want until you see different cuts of the data; therefore, it’s safe to say interrogating your data promotes strategic thinking as well as problem solving. 


Yes, interrogating your data gets the ball rolling....and it gets the ball rolling quickly.


Now you just need to go out and find the analytic tools that will help you begin interrogating your data. Then you can start receiving pressing and meaningful answers almost immediately. 


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Originally published March 05, 2020.

Written by Jana Fuelberth

Spend about 15 minutes with me and you’ll learn that ‘nerd’ is a term of endearment for me. That’s why I love how much ‘nerding out’ goes on at My biggest passion is helping people and organizations unlock potential they never expected. Outside of the office? You’ll probably find me doing something active or for my beloved, Butler Bulldogs.