I had good laugh as I began to pen our inaugural blog post. I started getting stressed out thinking, “this is the first one!…  it better be great!“.  A couple hours later, I found myself down a rabbit hole of “strategic positioning” and “tone setting”.  It ended up feeling too canned, too inauthentic and too… well… boring! 
Then, I realized that if we do our “blog jobs” right this post really won’t matter.  That if we have taken it upon ourselves with such vigor and passion to provide you updates, thoughts, best practices, and the latest “happenings” in our world, that you, our reader, will never see this post. 
And, that is our charge.  You can expect from us content that educates, stretches your mind, makes you laugh, and, most importantly, could make you disagree.  (If that’s the case… I’d love to hear from you!)  We hope our sharing helps to inform and solidify your attitude and strategy around how data, business and people can create the best work experiences.
But, for those of you who are reading this very first post ( thanks Mom!), Welcome!  I feel honored to be a greeter and look forward to you hearing from more of my teammates.


As for me, I feel so lucky and fortunate that is my ability to live out a personal mission. I believe that everyone has a right to feel as fulfilled 9am-5pm as they do 5pm-9am. That we are one human being… that the skills, talents and abilities that we have aren’t for work or for life. And, that we can create rich, engaging and successful experiences despite the fact that we are at work or at home.


It’s fun stuff around here… and, if you are a current customer, one of my teammates, part of our team of investors or a friend of… I thank you. 



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Originally published February 06, 2020.

Written by Jana Fuelberth

Spend about 15 minutes with me and you’ll learn that ‘nerd’ is a term of endearment for me. That’s why I love how much ‘nerding out’ goes on at My biggest passion is helping people and organizations unlock potential they never expected. Outside of the office? You’ll probably find me doing something active or for my beloved, Butler Bulldogs.